At Keane Stocktakers we offer a wide range of stocktake services to suit your business needs.


Professional Services

Professional stocktaker services for business transfers, periodic and annual stock take.


Our Specialties

Specialising in stock take for convenience stores, newsagents, forecourts, off licences, garden centres & hardware stores.


Detailed Valuation

Keane Stocktakers provide a detailed stock valuation, with summary and certificate given on the day.

Fixed fees. No added extras. Very competitive prices.

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Keane Stocktakers are one of the leading stock taking and valuing suppliers for a multitude of businesses. Mostly specialising in stocktaker services for businesses such as convenience stores, newsagents, off licences, garden centres & hardware stores we also offer our services to any company requiring a professional, reliable and accurate service.
As a supplier of premium stocktaker services we provide each client with a detailed stock summary and certificate that we supply on the same day as stock taking. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and professionalism. With Keane Stocktakers you know you will always get the same, consistent and excellent service, from friendly staff to accurate stock taking. We can offer periodic stocktaker services that can occur weekly, monthly or annually, whatever your requirements we can almost certainly help
Unlike other stock taking companies we pride ourselves on keeping costs low without compromising on quality or attention to detail, we know that it's a competitive market but luckily for us, stocktaker services is something we are actually passionate about, something most people don't believe! We are given the chance to prove time and time again our reputation, accuracy and efficiency with all jobs. If you are looking for stocktaker services in the UK then look no further.


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Our stocktake services cover the whole of the UK & Republic of Ireland
We provide an accurate service
We provide same-day results
We are non-disruptive
We are efficient and cost effective
We are flexible and can adapt to suit your business needs

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